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Randy Scruggs: A Three-time CMA Musician of the Year Awardee

Randy Scruggs: A Three-time CMA Musician of the Year Awardee 1
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American country music artist Randy Scruggs was among the most decorated names in the music industry. We cannot overemphasize the honors and recognition that his musical talents brought him. Had he not die last April, he would have been celebrating his 65th birthday today. But, even if the three-time CMA Musician of the Year Awardee is no longer around, many of the people who love and support Scruggs are certainly not forgetting this special day in his life. How can we? His music and legacy formed part of what country music is at present. This is not to mention the joy and inspiration that he left in the hearts of many. As our simple way of honoring Scruggs’ birthday, let’s reminisce his life and music once more.

The Birth of a Musician

Randy Scruggs was born on August 3, 1953, in Nashville, Tennessee. Having born and lived in that hometown is one thing. Growing up surrounded by a group of country musicians is another. The influence of music coming from his environment is quite strong, and that somehow helped him shape his interest in this field. At the age of 13, he had his first guitar recording and began playing with his father and brother who were gifted musicians, themselves.

At the onset of the ’70s decade, Scruggs became one of Nashville’s bankable studio producers and session players. This propelled him to put up his own production company a decade later. After which, he began working with country music icons, the likes of Waylon Jennings, Alison Kraussand George Strait

His Musical Distinctions

In 1989, Scruggs’s rendition of Amazing Grace” gave him his first-ever Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance. Nine years later, he received another similar award from Grammy. This time, it’s his performance for “A Soldier’s Joy” that helped him win the distinction. Also, he shared the honor with fellow country music icon, Vince GillAgain, his collaborative work with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band led him to his third win for the coveted award.

Scruggs had certainly enjoyed widespread success with those acclaims. But, that is not all of his accomplishments. He did not only impress the Grammy with his musical abilities. The Country Music Association Awards also bestowed him the Musician of the Year title not only once but three times. He received the said trophy in the years 1999, 2003, and in 2006.

Aside from collecting awards, Scrugss also produced his albums. His first solo album Crown of Jewels which came out in 1998 reached wide acclaim. Additionally, he has several collaborative releases with other artists. The latest was the 2008 live performance, The Ultimate Collection: Live at the Ryman, a team-up with his father, Earl Scruggs.

Watch one of Randy Scruggs’ live performances with his father and Ricky Skaggs for “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” below.

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