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Randy Houser’s “In God’s Time” Came from Divine Inspiration

Randy Houser's "In God's Time" Came from Divine Inspiration 1
Randy Houser (image from Youtube)

The line “In God’s time” has already become a cliché, and we won’t fully understand the reality it implies unless we open our hearts to the fact that not all that we want or plan are meant to happen. Also, we are living in an imperfect world where cloud nine won’t be present all the time. However, if we would just learn how to wait, the perfect life He has planned for us will come into place “in God’s time.”

In God’s Time

On his song, “In God’s Time,” Randy Houser emphasized the importance of understanding God’s timing. The song talks about the importance of knowing how to faithfully and patiently wait. We must also learn to accept God’s plan for our lives whatever it may be.

According to Houser, the track came to him by divine inspiration. The wisdom of life that Houser have learned through the years were enfolded together in a song. He has been dreaming to be in the spot where he is now, a successful artist with good selling records. However, he was surprised that all these fame did not give him genuine happiness. Until he realized the real reason why God has put him on the pedestal, and that is to become an instrument of His greatness.

The song brings light to people for different reasons, but we all stand on a common ground, we all receive small or big miracles from time to time.

Randy Houser's "In God's Time" Came from Divine Inspiration 2
(image from amazon.com)

Randy Houser

Randy Houser, another cowboy from Mississippi, wrote songs for popular artists before he had a break as a singer. He wrote Trace Adkins’ “Honka Tonk Badonkadonk,” Justin Moore’s “Back That Thing Up,” and Jessie James’ “My Cowboy.” After his successful songwriting, his song “Boots On,” from his debut album of the same name, charted on the top 5 of the Billboard country singles. He scored number one on the chart with his songs “How Country Feels” and “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight.”

According to Houser, this song came out to help people, about their lives, faith, and their own selves. It’s about time to realize the things God has been wanting to happen to us. Enjoy watching the video.

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In God's Time, Randy Houser

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