February 8

Spiritual Commitment : Ralph Stanley’s “I Want to Preach the Gospel”

Ralph Stanley

Ralph Stanley is defined by his haunting, ominous tenor voice. He definitely can induce chills in his listeners with just a few well-placed warbles as he sings in a capella, or backed by the Clinch Mountain Boys. An expert of murder ballads, he is the perfect choice to sing about death, misery, and heartbreaks. However, his ability to deliver songs of praises is equally appreciable. He had his catalog of gospel songs that include original fare and traditional alike.

One of his most notable gospel song is “I Want to Preach the Gospel.” With this track, he vows to be a steward of  Jesus, as he trust in Christianity’s shepherdship to watch over him and guide him together with his fellow sheep. His faith was exemplified as he sings the lyrics with gusto. His commitment to his belief was solemnly displayed in this song. Whether the listener is a believer or an atheist, there’s no denying that his message in this song transfixes.

Spiritual Commitment : Ralph Stanley’s “I Want to Preach the Gospel” 1

Why we preach the Gospel

For those who believe, the best gift we can ever give to the people we love is letting them know how Jesus loves them. And how do we do this? Aside fro praying for them, we also have to present living evidences that would validate what we are saying. And where do we get our proofs? In the Bible, in the Gospel. It’s where we see the Truth about God’s unconditional love. Along with the promise are also the commandments that we have to follow so that we will experience salvation when the time of darkness comes. Preaching the gospel or sharing the word of God is an investment to Heaven.

It is our main role in this world. If you haven’t tried yet, find time to join a prayer group where you can meet people from different ages, who have been changed by the power of the Word. you’ll be amazed to see how God works in mysterious ways.

And folks, if you’re looking for more inspirational articles and videos, you can visit Country Gospel on Facebook. May God bless you with delights all your days!


I want to Preach the Gospel, Ralph Stanley

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