July 2

“Shouting on the Hills of Glory” by Ralph Stanley and Friends

ralph stanley Shouting On The Hills Of Glory

Our days here on earth is short. We will never know when death will be knocking on our door. It’s scary to know that right? It’s scary that we will never know when our life will be over but fear not for there is one way to comfort us. We should know God and accept Jesus as our Savior for us to be fearless about death. No one or nothing can defeat God, not even death. Believing and trusting in Him will remove the burden or fear that we have about death. If we get to know Him, we will know more about what is waiting for us after our life here on earth.

Ralph Stanley and Friends

“Shouting on the Hills of Glory” is a song recorded by Ricky Skaggs together with Ralph Stanley. Carter Stanley and Ralph Stanley wrote the song. This song was part of his album Clinch Mountain Country. It is an album featuring Ralph Stanley and his friends which was released in 1998. George Jones was also featured singing with Ralph Stanley in this album. They performed together with the song “The Window Up Above.” Aside from that, other artists that were part of this album were Patty Loveless, Dwight Yoakam, Bob Dylan, Rhonda Vincent and more. Some songs that were included in his album were covers of songs from various artists.

About the Song

“Shouting on the Hills of Glory” is a song that tells a story of our reunion with God. It’s a song that reminds us that after death we will have a wonderful life that is better than what we have now. The only thing we need to do is believe in God and accept Jesus us our savior. When we do that we are guaranteed that Jesus has prepared a place for us in heaven. This place will be a place where we will never have to wake up thinking of any problems anymore, and in this place, there will be no sorrow but happiness. Therefore while you believe in God, shout out His name for all glory belongs to Him.

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