April 24

“Rainy Night in Georgia”: When R&B meets Country

sam moore and conway twitty "rainy day in Georgia"

A lot of artists usually sing old classics together and add a twist of their own. In this article, it’s the combination of the soulful R&B and country music that is joined together by well-known musicians.

“Rainy Night in Georgia”

First, the song “Rainy Night in Georgia” was written and originally performed by Tony Joe White in 1967. It was made popular by Brook Benton. His version of the song peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hip-Hop/Hot R&B Songs in 1970. Due to its popularity, the song was covered by a variety of artists from Hank Williams Jr. to Ray Charles.

Conway Twitty and Sam Moore Version

Conway Twitty and Sam Moore collaborated to revisit Benton’s song “Rainy Night in Georgia.” The combination is purely magical. Here is why Conway Twitty is a well-known country singer. Sam Moore, on the other hand, has a voice that seems like its heaven when you listen to it turned an R&B classic into a country song, but not in the way that we know.

“Rainy Nights in Georgia” was the 6th track of the album Rhythm, County, and Blues. They were brought together, country and R&B singers, to bring back the classics. The album included Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, Chet Akins and many more. But guess what, Twitty and Moore’s version stood out the most of all the tracks.

The Video

The song starts off with Twitty as he soloes into the first verse of the song. Moore entered on the second verse of the song and making it into his own version, instead of sticking to the original one. The two both gave a vibe of hope as they sing it, rather than a sad song.

The Song’s Content

“Rainy Night in Georgia” is a sad song about a man who is trying to find himself in this world as he loses the woman he loved. Walking around while it’s raining, finding a place to rest and play his guitar to let the time pass. Whether it’s the R&B version or country version the song is a truly beautiful classic.

If you haven’t heard Twitty and Moore’s version then give it a try you’ll not be disappointed.

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conway twitty, rainy night in georgia, sam moore

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