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This Backyard DIY Turns Depressing Backyard into Your 5-star Private Pub Shed

Admit it—your backyard is looking a bit more as disheveled, as depressing, and as hideous as a storage area for all your unused items. Instead of leaving it as an eyesore, you can revamp your dull-looking backyard and transform it into a functional and captivating extension of your house where even your guests can come and unwind.

Backyard pub sheds are now all the rage. A very simple concept, this DIY project effectively helps beautify your property, while it becomes an instant place where friends and family members gather ‘round, enjoy good drinks, and relax in each other’s company.

This Backyard DIY Turns Depressing Backyard into Your 5-star Private Pub Shed 1

Transforming your backyard into your very own private bar has limitless possibilities, and it all depends on how awesome you envision it to be. You also need to consider the materials you’ll be using for your pub shed. Of course, you should never leave out the basics, such as:

• Some cool, sturdy and comfy stools,
• Excellent lights
• Funky glasses for different types of liquor
• Cool coasters to complement your mugs and glasses
• Stylish retro (or unique and modern) bar signs
• Wall-mounted bottle openers
• A trusty fridge and a keg
• Signature snacks and cocktail mixes
• Television and other great forms of entertainment (dart board, ping-pong table, etc.)
• Mouth-watering supply of exceptional booze

Once you’ve checked everything out this list, then you’re off to picturing the final design for your pub.

You can use reclaimed wood for that rustic feel, or some black, flashy tiles to add some mysterious yet mischievous feel to it.

You can use neutral colors, or tactfully add some pastels to brighten up your bar.

There are also designers who suggest using stones and adding a garden outside to add a zen feel to your backyard pub.

If you’re a true-blue traditionalist, imitating the classic look of an old bar is perfect for you.


This Backyard DIY Turns Depressing Backyard into Your 5-star Private Pub Shed 2

Are you a nature lover? How about adapting a cabin-like design for a warm, cozy, and slightly adventurous feel?


Lastly, for those of you who enjoy more modern aesthetics, try constructing the framework of your pub shed into exceptional, gravity-defying shapes to make your bar truly stand out among the rest.

Got more amazing ideas for a backyard bar shed? Share them in the comments section below!


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