January 8

Our Kind of Country QUEEN OF MY HEART by Hank Williams Jr.


AS PER THE REQUEST of one of our most loyal and kind readers, James Morrison, we would today feature Hank Williams Jr’s Queen of My Heart. So saddle up gang and brace yerselves fer we’re in for one somber ride…

WOEFUL, HEAVYHEARTED AND MOURNFUL is this Hank Williams Jr. original whose video opens with guitar strings being strummed up close.

THE SOMBER INTRO of well thought of lyrics and melodies embodies—in all honesty—sensitivity, and sentiment of Man. A Man shattered by Love… True Love.

UHMMN YEAH… Shore, the video may kinda be pure cheese and overflowing with utter corniness but heck, “What isn’t corny about Love?!?”

YEP, LOVE SHORE IS CORNY especially if it is the genuine kind and not the mere run-of-the-mill sort. The sort that you could buy 10 for a dollar with. He he he.  But seriously…

If you’ll just come back to me, queen of my heart.
I’m tellin’ you, you are the queen of my heart.”

US MENFOLK (most especially) don’t have any inkling of what we really want and need and who we truly love until they’re gone. All gone! Heck, we fellas wouldn’t know what our bottoms was for if nobody pointed it out to us exactly! Shore guys, laugh all you want but am I correct, or am I correct? Anyways, revealed precisely by the line, “…if you’ll just come back to me, Queen of My Heart” is this deep, deep, very deep yearning and regret.

“I’ve had ladies of passion and women of beauty
But you’re the only girl I’ve opened up to.
But I closed up tight when you left for another,
And that’s the part I’ve never gotten used to.”

ADMITTEDLY, WE FELLAS LIKE TO TRY DIFFERENT THINGS OUT. It’s simply that adventurer in us I guess that isn’t really that simple… There’s some really beautiful bouquets out there eager for a-smellin’ but once decided, we go a-pluckin’ away. But not too often do we pluck the right one so that’s where some o’them good ol’misgivings come in.

ANYHOW, I CONCUR listening to this admirable Ode to Love and Lost Love would be the best thing for us. Even for them fellas nursing broken hearts. So huge kudos to Hank Jr for makin’ us grown men cry again!

THIS IS Our Kind of Country and as ALWAYS,

“May The Lord God Almighty Bless Us All and Set Us FREE!”


hank williams, queen of heart

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