November 14

A Heartwarming Performance of the Sought after Singer: Anne Murray

Throughout our existence, we want to have the best in everything. But as a Christian, the best moment that we want is to follow the path of God. This is not easy as we will encounter lots of struggles and temptations. Well, don’t worry, He is always there for us if we will let him drive our lives. Just like what Anne Murray said, “Put Your Hand in the Hand.”

The Sought After Singer

Morna Anne Murray or widely known as Anne Murray was the first Canadian female singer to reach the U.S. Charts. In Addition, she was the reason why other female artists worked so hard to seek international success. In 1984, for the very first time, a Canadian Woman won the “Album of the Year” at the Country Music Association Awards.

It’s a fact that Anne Murray is really a rare gem in the music industry due to the recognition that she received. Even more, Billboard ranked her no. 10 among the “Biggest Adult Contemporary Artists Ever” in 2011. She is such an influential woman and I think her contribution to the music industry is undeniable.

The Christian Way of Life

“Put Your Hand in the Hand” was recorded by Anne Murray and composed by Gene Maclellan. Upon the song’s release, other music artists made their own version and interpretation. In 1971, the cover went to no. 2 in the U.S. Hot 100 under the version of the Canadian band, Ocean.

The hit talks about every decision that we have to make. Thus, we need to make our choices wisely and you know what? If we will just trust Him who calmed the storm and stilled the water, then we are in good hands. Anne Murray is right! “Put Your Hand in the Hand” and everything will be in place.


Anne Murray, Gene MacLellan, Put Your Hand in the Hand

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