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The Inspiring Message of Anne Murray’s “Put Your Hand in the Hand”

We will always be surrounded by many and different challenges every day of our lives. These challenges are too much that it makes us exhausted. We want to give up because we think that there is nothing good that is happening. We, humans, like to carry the weight of our problems all the time. It seems that we forget God does exist and has been waiting for us ever since. Therefore, if you feel like you couldn’t go on in life, remember to lean on God. Let Him take away all the problems you have.

Anne Murray’s Recording of “Put Your Hand in the Hand”

“Put Your Hand in the Hand” is a gospel song that reminds us to always trust in God. It was penned by Gene MacLellan and first recorded by Anne Murray. Her version was part of her third studio album Honey, Wheat, and Laughter. Murray’s recording wasn’t released as a single. Therefore, it didn’t enter the chart. However, her album placed at number sixteen on the Canadian chart.

Anne Murray
Photo Credit: Anne Murray/ Official Facebook Page

The Ocean’s Version

MacLellan’s song was made popular by the band Ocean in 1971. It has reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Furthermore, “Put Your Hand in the Hand” made its way to the Adult Contemporary chart at number four.


Other Cover

Elvis Presley, Joan Baez, Lynn Anderson, Loretta Lynn, the Oak Ridge Boys, and a lot more covered this gospel song.

The Song’s Content

The song begins with the narrator reminding us to always lean on God. That we should put our faith in Him no matter what the circumstances are in our life. Furthermore, as he asks us to have faith in God, the narrator keeps telling us also about the Man we should trust. He wants us to know that God is the one who keeps the water calm and therefore, He will also keep us calm in a stormy day.

Put your hand in the hand of the man

Who stilled the water

In the song, the narrator also wants us to look deep into and understand ourselves because if we do that, we can understand others too.

Take a look at yourself

And you can look at others differently

“Put Your Hand in the Hand” is truly an inspiring song for us to trust in God, and to learn to understand others too.



Anne Murray

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