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Remembering Pussycat Through Their Single “Mississippi”


In 1975, Pussycat, the Dutch country, and the pop band made their way to stardom when their number single “Mississippi” skyrocketed. In fact, it was the only single of the group to top the charts. But, it took a year for the song to reach its peak in the United Kingdom. Moreover, “Mississippi” topped the charts and sold more than five million copies worldwide. Not only was the band embraced by music obsessives inside and outside of the country scheme.

Indeed, the band has a distinct taste of music. Pussycat’s choice of music or songs has a different approach. The sounds, harmony, and melody of their songs were very catchy. Also, those kinds of songs are truly worth listening to over and over again. Folks, lend me your ears, let’s go and remember the Pussycat through their single “Mississippi.”


Werner Theunissen was the songwriter behind the song “Mississippi.” In addition, it was produced by Eddy Hilberts. The song was part of the Pussycat’s album “First Of All.” In December 1975, the song became a gigantic hit at number one spot in the Dutch charts. In 1976, it marked the international across Europe and the United Kingdom as far as Africa and Australia, where it reached number one in August 1976.

Furthermore, the song overpowered ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” at number one, where it remained for four weeks on the UK Singles Chart in October 1976. In South America, it projected on the charts for 129 weeks. It is estimated to have sold more than five million copies worldwide.

The song was inspired by The Bee Gees’ single “Massachusetts.” Moreover, the words and lyrics are all about the history of music and the influence of rock music on the country music.

Due to its massive success, “Mississippi” was recorded by numerous artists.

The Pussycat…

Pussycat was a Dutch country and pop group led by the three Kowalczyk sisters. They were Toni, Betty, and Marianne. On the other hand, Lou Willé, Toni’s then-husband, Theo Wetzels, Theo Coumans, and John Theunissen were the other members.

The Lyrics…

Where you can hear a country song from far

And someone play the honky-tonk guitar

Where all the lights will go out one by one

The people join the song

And the wind takes it away

Where the Mississippi rolls down to the sea

And lovers found the place they’d like to be

How many times before the song was ending

Love and understanding

Everywhere around

Mississippi, I’ll remember you

Whenever I should go away

I’ll be longing for the day

That I will be in Greenville again

Mississippi, you’ll be on my mind

Everytime I hear this song

Mississippi roll along

Until the end of time

Now the country song forever lost its soul

When the guitar player turned to rock & roll

And everytime when summer nights are falling

I will always be calling, dreams of yesterday

Mississippi, I’ll remember you

Whenever I should go away

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Mississippi, Pussycat

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