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The Story of “She’s Pulling Me Back Again” by Mickey Gilley

The Story of “She’s Pulling Me Back Again” by Mickey Gilley 1

The reason Mickey Gilley became a big winner in the ACM in 1977 was because of his hit “She’s Pulling Me Back Again.”

The Songwriters

At the end of 1976, Mickey Gilley released his remake of “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” by Lloyd Price and took it to the No. 3 spot on Billboard’s Country Chart. Then he followed it up with “She’s Pulling Me Back Again”. It was a song scribed by Jerry Foster and Bill Rice. The team of songwriters was taking account for numerous hits like Charley Pride’s “Wonder Could I Live There Anymore,” Johnny Paycheck’s “Someone To Give My Love To” and Bob Luman’s “When You Say, Love.”

Was He Disappointed?

With the success of “She’s Pulling Me Back Again,” Foster and Rice went on to write several more hits for Mickey Gilley.  Although, none of the songs was successful as “She’s Pulling Me Back Again.” Mickey Gilley personally thought that “Here Comes The Hurt Again” was a better song. He also thought that the record turned out to be better. However, the hit only reached the No. 9 spot. A lot of artists would be overjoyed to score one song in the Top Ten, but Mickey Gilley was disappointed. He reasoned the positive message in “She’s Pulling Me Back Again” was more favorable toward his female fans.

The Next Step for his Career

Thereafter, Mickey Gilley released his final three Top Ten singles for Playboy Records. Then he signed in a new contract with Epic Records. That was the time when Jerry Foster and Bill Rice came into the picture again. Believe it or not, there was a belief that most songwriters in the Music City intentionally held back their best material from him. However, he felt a good connection with Foster and Rice. When Gilley would ask for the very best songs available, the duo songwriter was the only the only ones who gave him the shot.

Foster and Rice also co-produced four of Mickey Gilley’s first five singles under Epic Records. Unfortunately, when the two songwriters touched the Top Ten, it was determined that Mickey Gilley’s career needs to jump-start as the 80’s came close. Gilley has chosen a new producer, Jim Ed Norman. After that move, a series of No. 1 hits followed. With Norman’s guidance, 10 out of Mickey Gilley’s 11 singles reached the peak of the Country Chart.


Mickey Gilley, She’s Pulling Me Back Again

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