November 28

John Prine Reminds Us That “That’s the Way the World Goes ‘Round”

In the business of everyday life, we get caught up in its intricate dance, we get so absorbed in all of our problems. But, we just forget that’s the way the world goes round. John Prine, dubbed “The Singing Mailman,” delivers a very melancholic song, with the title that says it all. He named it “That’s The Way The World Goes Round,” and it sings of the different ups and downs of a person’s life.

Most of the time we would like to go things our way. And if things do not, we sometimes get angry or frustrated at anything that we can put the blame on.  But the one thing that we tend to forget is that that’s just the way the world works. We can’t have everything work for us. How else will we learn? How else will we experience the zest and appreciation for life if we don’t experience the consequential bad?

Prine gently reminds us that although there are things that we can be frustrated at, or sad at, or be happy about, it’s what makes the experience human unique. Moreover, it allows us for a more holistic way of living if we are to feel these different kinds of emotions or get to experience these kinds of situations. All in all, it’s what makes us human.

Listen to the fantastic track right here:

He went on to sing that song in the Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert. Come, check the amazing performance here!

Bruised Orange

This song is included in Prine’s fifth album, Bruised Orange. It was first released in 1978. He claims that the inspiration for the song came from him being “kind of fed up” with a lot of cynicism that he saw in people, even in himself. He said:

“I wanted to find a way to get back to a better world, more childlike. I immediately went back and started writing from a child’s perspective.”

And, he did just that. This song is in the weirdly unique way that Prine sees the world – incredibly raw, poignant, and innocent enough for the world to remember that life isn’t all that bad.


John Prine, That's The Way That the World Goes

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