May 18

With Pride, Let Us All Live In The Light of His Love

Charley Pride is one of the great singers in the history of country music. He does not always get his due, and most folks think he vanished long ago. His song “Did You Think To Pray” is a top-to-bottom country gospel album. It is an evidence that Pride has not gone anywhere. Additionally, while it is true that his voice may have worn out due to age, it has become more emotional and powerful. In this album, Pride had his own interpretation of “Take My Hand Precious Lord”, “Jesus Take My Hand”, “Mansions for Me,” and “I’m Gonna Sing.” But, nothing is more stunning than his gospel hymn, “Let Me Live In The Light of His Love”.

With Pride, Let Us All Live In The Light of His Love 1

Did You Think To Pray Album

Supporting that Charley Pride has established a history of recording Grammy award-winning spiritual music, he won two Grammy Awards related to his Gospel album Did You Think To Pray. It earned both Best Sacred Performance for the album, as well as Best Gospel Performance Other Than Soul for his single “Let Me Live”. It features a rich collection of classic Gospel hymns, modern Christian Music standards, and some heavenly gems. “Let Me Live” is a notable nod back at his spiritual music with his spectacularly genuine voice. The gospel hymn shortly broke his line of number one singles in the spring of 1971. Directly after this, two of his biggest hits, “I’m Just Me” and “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'” arrived, earning him his greatest success on both the country and pop charts.

Pray to Live in the Light of His Love

Let us talk about the concept of light and love. Folks, we hold this truth. We have the richness of the truest light and the deepest love. However, most of us struggle with letting it out. Sometimes, we find it hard to bring forth these little seeds that are in us and convert it into a huge bread of faith.

Let me live, let me live, In the light
Who can give, let it shine
Like the sun up above
Let me live, let me live.

Thus far, our call is to take the seed of light and love planted deep within us. With faith, let it grow in our good deeds. Let us nourish it by walking with God and that it may give much fruit for the Kingdom in the works of love and light that we bring into the world.

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Charley Pride, Let Me Live

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