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The Story of Charley Pride’s Version of “Honky Tonk Blues” by Hank Sr.


The Story of Charley Pride’s Version of “Honky Tonk Blues” by Hank Sr. 1

“There’s A Little Bit Of Hank In Me” Album

Recording Hank Williams’ songs, just like Charley Pride’s 1980 album “There’s a Little Bit Of Hank In Me” wasn’t a new concept. Since this idea had already been mined quite thoroughly. Charley Pride hoped to find material that hadn’t been covered as often as “Your Cheatin’ Heart or “Cold, Cold Heart.” Pride and his producer Jerry Bradley made an appointment with Ronnie Gant at Acuff-Rose Publishing, the company that held the rights to Hank’s catalog.

Looking for Materials, Recording the Song and Making it Authentic

In the meeting, the three men were looking over the songs and Charley Pride noticed “Honky Tonk Blues.” He was familiar with the tune. Then he started singing the song in the office. It was his producer who thought the making the album would be successful.

Some of the members of Hank Williams’ band, the Drifting Boys, were still active during that time and they were on the sessions making the recording legit. The goal of Charley Pride was to get some of the original sounds and feel. After the track was recorded, Pride was determined that his goal was accomplished.

It was a Success

It was a historic event when Charley Pride’s version of “Honky Tonk Blues” made it to No. 1. It was the first time that a cover version of one of Hank Williams Sr. song had reached No. 1 on Billboard’s country chart.

After three months, the second and final single released from “There’s A Little Bit Of Hank In Me,” another lesser-known Williams song called “You Win Again” also reached the No. 1 plateau for Charley Pride.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a video of Charley Pride singing the song. So, here’s Charley Pride and “There’s a Little Bit of Hank In Me.”

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