January 23

“Oh, Pretty Woman:” A Classic Rock and Roll Hit from Roy Orbison

What comes into your mind when you hear the words “Pretty Woman”? Most of us would think about external beauty in which a woman should have a small pretty face, kissable lips, long lashes, and a perfect body. Nowadays, we only concentrate on external beauty because it is the first thing that we notice. But, have we even consider the beauty that comes from within. I mean, the attitude of the person, his/her manners. I guess that is the true beauty because that can last for a lifetime. Remember, outer beauty is just temporary. All of us will grow old, and we will all have wrinkles and saggy skin. But, a good heart and a good attitude will last forever. Well, for our entertainment, let’s go ahead and listen to the hit of Roy Orbison called “Oh, Pretty Woman.” Watch out gentlemen because the pretty woman will be comin’ right at you.

The Mysterious Singer

He is one of the most powerful singers of his time, and he is distinct to other artists due to his emotional ballads. Also, this singer is nicknamed “Caruso of Rock” and “The Big O.” Once he performs, he just stands in the center of the stage and entices the crowd with his musicality. In honor of his success and contribution to the music industry, he was included in numerous Hall of Fames. I hope you still remember Roy Orbison, the man behind the hits “Only the lonely” and “In Dreams.”

"Oh, Pretty Woman:" A Classic Rock and Roll Hit from Roy Orbison 1
Photo Credits: Roy Orbison Official Home Page

The Head Turner

This hit was used as the soundtrack of the 1990 American romantic comedy film, starring Julia Roberts, and Richard Gere. Further, the song has not only conquered the U.S. charts but also overseas. Do you still remember “Oh, Pretty Woman” from Roy Orbison? Sounds familiar? I hope that it will bring back some memories from the ’60s.

Go ahead and enjoy this masterpiece.     



pretty woamn, Roy Orbison

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