August 24

Let Elvis Presley Remind You That “It’s No Secret What God Can Do”

Let Elvis Presley Remind You That “It’s No Secret What God Can Do” 1

Indeed, “It’s No Secret What God Can Do” because we all know that He will always be there with us. We all know by heart and by faith, God will always guide us no matter what we do. No matter where we go, he’s there to lead us. God will never leave our side, especially in our downfalls and miseries. He moves in mysterious ways. Let us all strengthen our relationship with God by just praying, obeying, and believing in him. A simple reminder is in the form of music. Let us all listen to Elvis Presley as he sings to one of the most heartfelt Christian Gospel hymns.

Elvis Presley is not new to the world of Christian Gospel Music. He recorded numerous hymns and released albums as well. Those albums and songs were appreciated and accepted wholeheartedly by millions of people all throughout the world. On the other hand, in his concerts and performances, he never forgets to praise and thank God by singing those Christian Gospel songs.

It’s No Secret What God Can Do…

Stuart Hamblen wrote the words and lyrics of “It’s No Secret What God Can Do.” It was published way back in the 1950s. Since its publication, the hymn has been spread all throughout and from generation to generation. Other artists covered the anthem as well making it one of the most used Christian Gospel songs of all time.

Let Elvis Presley Remind You That “It’s No Secret What God Can Do” 2

Furthermore, Elvis Presley was mesmerized by the message of “It’s No Secret What God Can Do.” With this, he decided to record his rendition. Then, he released it as part of his album “Elvis’ Christmas Album” in November 1957. Thanks to Elvis Presley, the song even became famous.

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Elvis Presley, It's No Secret What God Can Do

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