November 29

When Elvis Presley Sang “Blue Christmas” for the Last Time

Today’s the last day before we welcome the last month of the year. Hence, the Yuletide season is just right around the corner. Whereas, it is the most celebrated and most exciting time of the year.

Every year, we hear different Christmas carols and jingles sung everywhere. Also, there are a number of songs especially made for this special time. One of the tunes ever written for such an occasion is “Blue Christmas,” which was popularly performed by the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley.

“Blue Christmas”

Penned by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson, “Blue Christmas” was recorded and made famous by Elvis Presley in 1964. It became a part of his third studio album and first Christmas album, Elvis’ Christmas Album.

“Blue Christmas” is a tale of unrequited love during the holidays. To note, the song has already become a longstanding staple of Christmas music, especially in the country genre.

Originally, it was Doye O’Dell who first recorded the song in 1948. However, it did not have great success until the following year. O’Dell’s recording was then followed by three separate renditions. These are namely, Ernest Tubb’s, Hugo Winterhalter’s, and Russ Morgan’s.

Tubb’s cover went to no. 1 on Billboard’s Most Played Juke Box Records chart. Meanwhile, Winterhalter’s version reached no. 9 on Billboard’s Records Most Played by Disk Jockeys chart. On the other hand, Morgan’s rendition peaked at no. 11 on Billboard’s Best Selling Pop Singles chart.

However, it was Elvis Presley who cemented the status of “Blue Christmas” as a rock and roll holiday classic.

Presley’s Final Performance of the Song

In a rare footage of the King of Rock & Roll, Presley mesmerized his fans who dedicated their time for his performance on June 18, 1977, in Kansas City. It would then be his last time performing (a few weeks before his death one of the biggest songs that became a testament to his career.

Relive and witness this heartbreaking performance of Presley as he dazzles fans with this classic Christmas hit:


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