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“Precious Memories:” George Jones Version and Story Behind the Song

“Precious Memories:” George Jones Version and Story Behind the Song 1
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“Precious Memories” is a common gospel song widely covered by various artists from different genres. The song has a beautiful meaning and heartfelt words that no one can resist singing it. However, where did “Precious Memories” start and who do you think has the best version of this song?

The Story Behind

The gospel song covered by various artists is a traditional song written way back in 1925. A man named J.B.F Wright wrote this song. We often neglect to know who the person is behind the song that was recorded by famous artists. Therefore, here is the story of the making of “Precious Memories.” Wright, the songwriter, wrote the song from the experiences he had in life. He never had a good life, even when he published his song. Wright was only paid $36. He never received any royalties from his song too. He wrote the song when he lost his only child at the age of five. The loss of his child caused too much grief and pain to him, thus, the only thing he could do is to express himself by writing a song. “Precious Memories” are memories of Wright from his son and his childhood days.

Different Versions

In 1928, the first recording of the song was made by the Turkey Mountain Singer, however, it was only released in 1934. In 1929, Simmons Sacred’s version was released, therefore, this is considered to be the first version released. After them, many artists recorded this song. Some of these artists who made a version of “Precious Memories” were Bill Monroe in 1958, Jim Reeves in 1959, Kenny Rogers in 1976, Willie Nelson in 1976, Bob Dylan in 1986, Dolly Parton in 1999, Alan Jackson in 2006, and many more.

George Jones’ Version

One of the most known singers in country music recorded this popular gospel song in 2003. George Jones included Wright’s song “Precious Memories” in his gospel album The Gospel Collection. Furthermore, George collaborated with Patti Page for the recording of this song. His album is a two-disc album with recordings of traditional gospel songs. The album made its way to the Billboard Country Album chart at No. 19. In addition, it also entered the Christian album chart of the Billboard at No. 9. 

Here is the beautiful, heartfelt song “Precious Memories” recorded by George Jones and Patti Page.

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