December 11

Let’s Exalt Our Great Redeemer in “Praise Him, Praise Him”

“I will praise the Lord with all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” (Psalm 146:2)

The above Biblical verse is the very essence of the adoration hymn entitled “Praise Him, Praise Him.” If not because of His great love and precious blood, we won’t be here today. And because we are alive, it’s but proper to praise our savior Jesus Christ with all our hearts. The Lord can give His own very life for the whole world, and He’s just asking us to do a simple thing for Him in return. That is to give Him back all the glory, honor, and adoration.

The Exalting Hymn  

The blind songstress Fanny Crosby penned the tune “Praise Him, Praise Him.” It’s one of the numerous hymns that she wrote during her lifetime. These beautiful songs became Crosby’s greatest legacy which continues to inspire many people over the decades.

“Praise Him, Praise Him,” as the title of the song implies, is a tune of victory in the Lord. It exudes a joyful vibe that is so contagious. The role of Jesus as “our blessed Redeemer” became the song’s main focus. Moreover, His wonderful love, generosity, and care for His children, as well as His strength and mightiness to save are some of the dominant or prevailing characters of Jesus described in the song. Now that He lives, the entire human race had conquered death. So, all together, let us sing:

Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer,
  Heavenly portals, loud with hosannahs ring!
Jesus, Savior, reigneth for ever and ever;
  Crown Him! crown Him! Prophet and Priest and King!
Death is vanquished! Tell it with joy, ye faithful,
  Where is now thy victory, boasting grave?
Jesus lives! No longer thy portals are cheerless;
  Jesus lives, the mighty and strong to save.

Listen to a great rendition of the hymn below.

About the Songwriter

Fanny Crosby was born in Putnam County, New York on March 24, 1820. At the age of six weeks, she was stricken by a severe illness which caused her eyes to become totally blind. Despite her physical disability, Crosby became successful in life. She obtained a great education and became a teacher. During school vacation period, Crosby spent her free time composing spiritual songs. She has written over 9,000 hymns including “Blessed Assurance,” “Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet,” and “He Hideth My Soul.”


Blessed Redeemer, Fanny Crosby, Praise Him Praise Him

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