Power struggles happen when two opposing sides duke it out to get the upper hand. We as Christians sometimes unknowingly go into a power struggle with God.

Power Struggles and the Lord

We all acknowledge that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and always present. All of us know the fact that God is the most powerful being in the world, yet somehow He still sometimes get into power struggles with us. Why is that?

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Sometimes we learn something in the bible that we don’t quite want to do. Or maybe, our preacher placed a challenge for us this week that doesn’t really agree with how we do things. Basically, we sometimes get into a situation where we feel like we don’t want to do what the Lord tells us.

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When this does happen, we often start making excuses or start to rationalize in a way that would bring the situation more into our favor. During times like these, we are basically at a power struggle with the Lord.

When He calls us, we don’t always respond. Sometimes, we don’t respond with glee, we don’t respond quickly, or we don’t respond how He wants us to. We often see the call and wonder if there is another way to answer it, oftentimes we rationalize so that it would be more convenient for us.

power struggles

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We need to be reminded that when God calls, the only response should be to answer. We know that God is the most powerful being in the world yet for some reason we still think we can win in our power struggles with Him.

Of course, we are not discouraged from talking to God or sometimes questioning whether something is right or not, that is not the point. The whole point of avoiding power struggles with God is that we are supposed to readily respond when He calls. Take this time to think about the times we had power struggles with God and ask for forgiveness. When God calls, we need to answer.

Take a listen to “I Give You My Heart” and be reminded of our offerings to God.