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Lifehacks: How a Tennis Ball could Save you from Pool Bacteria

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As we all enjoy basking in the sun and cooling down the swimming pool, it’s very important to note that it has to be clean and well maintained. A regular maintenance schedule for pools should be followed using some chemical and cleaning agents but, did you know that there are “unusual” ways to keep the pool in a clear condition? Here are a few tips and hacks you might want to try.

1. Tennis balls

Suntan lotions and sunblock is something that we all use when we dive into the pool. In addition to that, there’s also body oil, dead skin, and dirt from our bodies. All these can make the pool dirty really quick. Just throw a standard tennis ball into the pool, just let it float and do its job. It will suck up all those extra oils and chemicals.

2. Baking Soda

To maintain the PH levels in a pool, stores would usually recommend an “Alkalinity Increaser.”  Instead of buying that, why don’t you just get some inexpensive baking soda from the store? The amount of baking soda you’ll need will depend on how big your pool is.

3. Toe the tile line

Over time, contaminants, dirt, and residue stick along the water line and tile area. Should you clean these areas weekly, it will reduce the rate at which the pool gets cloudy and dirty. That is because the tile residue won’t get washed into the pool. Following a weekly cleanup will also reduce calcium buildup. Also, clean the cement and walkways around the pool area will reduce dirt and grime transfer into the water.

4. Keep dogs out

Lifehacks: How a Tennis Ball could Save you from Pool Bacteria 1

Dog love diving into pools to cool down and play around with their owners, but chlorine is not good for them. It irritates dog’s skin and the pool will get dirtier and hairier. But, if you really can’t let your dogs out of the pool, make sure that the PH level of chlorine is kept below 30 PPM for safety.

5. Keep a cool pool

Instead of using heaters to keep your pool heated, why don’t you use a solar cover on the water? Pools cost energy to run and maintain so if you keep its temperature above 82 degrees will cost more electricity. Another option is to use a solar-powered heater to save energy.

6. Track water usage with a bucket

Use a weighted bucket on the stairs and mark the water level on the side of the bucket. Monitoring water levels are important to make sure there’s no water leakage especially if there is a drastic water loss in pools.

Using these easy and unique pool maintenance tips allows for a pool owner to have a cleaner pool each summer, which requires less maintenance and time spent pouring chemicals into the water. A clean and clear pool also offers a much more enjoyable swimming experience for the family. I hope you find these useful and don’t forget to leave some comments.


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