Alan Jackson

“How Great Thou Art” was a Swedish poem in 1885. With its tremendous and empowering message, a melody was patched and intertwined with the words and lyrics. It was conveyed in different languages, and it was passed on from generation to generation. Since then, the poem became the most popular Christian hymn all over the world then and now. Lend your ears to Alan Jackson and his rendition as one of the bests.

Furthermore, it is being sung in many religious events and churches. From elderly to youngsters to children, the hymn is no doubt very familiar. Indeed, a hymn that gives us hope to change our lives and bring us closer to God.

How Great Thou Art…

Carl Boberg was the poet behind the words of “How Great Thou Art.” He wrote the poem in Monsteras, Sweden in 1885. First, the poem was translated into German and then into Russian then developed into a hymn.

Moreover, “How Great Thou Art” was translated into English by the English Missionary Stuart K. Hine. Not only that, but he also added two original verses that he created on his own. Then, the composition was mixed with a Russian melody which was popularized by George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows.

Carl Boberg

The Story…

The poem turned into a hymn inspiration was from a sudden storm. One day, when Carl Boberg and his friends were walking home after an afternoon service, a thundercloud appeared, and lightning flash occurred. Also, strong winds and heavy rain poured. But in a while, the storm has passed. Carl Boberg arrived home and opened the window; he saw the calm bay of Monsteras, heard the sound of birds (thrush), and the church bells ding-donged in the evening. Those inspired him to write a poem.

“How Great Thou Art” and “Amazing Grace” are two of the most played and sang Christian hymns of all time. Some say it’s “Amazing Grace,” some “How Great Thou Art.” Anyhow, these two are still a part of our religious lives.

Alan Jackson

Meanwhile, other coveted artists inside and outside of the country music scene have recorded the Christian hymn. Many of them justified and outpoured their emotions as they sang the hymn. But, the most notable version and cover are from Alan Jackson.

We all know that Alan Jackson is one of the best country artists recording and releasing soulful music. But not only that, he is known to be faithful to God by creating and recording gospel music. In fact, he has produced multi-awarded albums about God.

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