July 27

Meet Kiah- New York’s Newest Hero, Proves Pitbulls could be Patrol Dogs too

Pit bulls can be such lovable, supportive, and reliable dog breeds. By looking past the stereotypes cast upon these adorable furry friends, you will surely see the beauty that they wish to share with the world.

This is perhaps the very same goal that Kiah, an abandoned pit bull, has in mind. At present, she happens to be one of the most successful dogs that have graduated from the Universal K9’s Detection Dogs Program. She is also the first pit bull officer to have graced and patrolled the streets in the state of New York. How cool is that?


Meet Kiah- New York's Newest Hero, Proves Pitbulls could be Patrol Dogs too 1

From being a helpless, displaced dog in the parking lot of one of the city’s grocery stores, Kiah bloomed to become a regular patroller in the neighborhood of Poughkeepsie. Her police companion, Officer Justin Bruzgul even boasts that the beautiful pit bull has a promising career sniffing out narcotics. After training together in Texas, the duo graduated as partners last November and have been inseparable since.

Kiah’s exceptional contributions to her squad and to the common folks that she works to protect only proves that true beauty and value comes from within. Dog trainer Brad Croft explains further that pit bulls, or any other dog breed thereof, are capable of becoming exceptional K9s for as long as they are attentive, curious, and confident enough to learn and develop. The key for this lovely canines is for them to concentrate and be fixated on one goal without getting distracted so they can grow to become excellent sniffers for contraband and work as efficiently as their human counterparts.

Thanks to Kiah, the New York Police Department, in cooperation with Brad Croft and Austin Pets Alive (AFF), began reaching out to fellow police officers in hopes that more people from their line of service would be interested in taking a pit bull as their partner. They have also been dedicating time and effort selecting pit bulls rescued from shelters and training them to become outstanding protectors and contributors to their society.

Kiah’s efforts have surely reached out to her community. When her companions surveyed the area to ask feedback about the lovely pit bull, the people had nothing but heartwarming remarks for her. So the next time you encounter a pit bull, don’t judge. After all, pit bulls, along with all other dog breeds, deserve to be loved and treated right.



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