October 4

The Pistol Annies Sing Salvation with “Interstate Gospel”

The Country Supergroup is Back

The Pistol Annies are no doubt one of the baddest trio of women country music has ever seen. They are one of country music’s sought after contemporary supergroups, with its members Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley.

The three solo artists decided that it would be a good idea to band together to grace music with a completely different sound. They established themselves as the Pistol Annies back in 2011. And, they made their big debut on the CBS Special Academy of Country Music. Lambert later noted that it seemed like it was going to be premature for the Annies to debut. They were still getting the hang of performing together. But once they have done it, they figured that they were absolute naturals at it.

Interstate Gospel

The album itself is something to rave about. It is the long-awaited album of the Pistol Annies. The band had taken a short hiatus after that due to the success that Lambert and Monroe’s solo careers were having.

For their album promotion, the Annies got creative by sending out postcards to their fans that contained the tracklist of the upcoming album and teasers about the possible date the album will drop.

A Powerhouse Song

The opening of the song greets you with an upbeat mixture of soft cajun bass beats and a hearty guitar accompaniment. A few seconds later, Presley’s cool voice sings the verses about how God is an integral part of our life, and we would be lost without him. Most of the verses would progress with Presley singing about gospel truths. The chorus is sung by the sweet harmonies of Monroe and Lambert. The chorus would sing how the church signs are calling them home, and how “This interstate gospel is saving my soul.”

Come and check out the titular track in the Pistol Annies’ comeback album! “Interstate Gospel” will be released on November 2nd.

Are you excited about the release of the album? Come and tell us what you think by commenting below, or tweeting your thoughts to me! If you want to keep it country daily, you can visit our website at Country Thang Daily.


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