April 25

Lambert Says Pistol Annie Will Be “Hell on Heels” Again

The last time a hot list country star at the summit of her fame put together a good and fitting additional project was in 1987. Give all your guesses. Lucky you got it right. It was when Dolly Parton joined forces with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt for their highly successful Trio album. Let us give credit to Miranda Lambert for ending that long drought. Teaming with her friends Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe, Lambert has formed Pistol Annies, who made their debut album “Hell on Heels” on Academy of Country Music Girls’ Night Out television special in April 2011.

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Beginning and Beyond, Pistol Annie

Pistol Annie gave themselves the nicknames “Lonestar Annie” for Lambert, “Hippie Annie” for Monroe, and “Holler Annie” for Presley. Presley recalls how they began. Lambert and Monroe were on a giddy whim one night calling Presley to email her every song she had immediately. Later did Presley realize that the two had a plan to put up a band together and want her on board. They are all women of the South, but each of them contributes wonderfully to the table. Starting with Monroe, a classic Tennessee country (a la Dolly Parton), bluegrass from Kentucky girl Presley, and tough, outlaw honky-tonk from Lambert. So, it happened. They released their debut album Hell on Heels on August 23, 2011. After a series of performances during Lambert concerts, the Pistol Annies performed three sold-out headlining shows in December 2011.

Starting with an extra, creepy acoustic guitar figure before slowly hearing a light hitting a line and slanted, bluesy electric guitar riff in the background, the Pistol Annie’s first single, “Hell on Heels,” excites and sets a clear mood from its first notes. And, when they do start singing, we hear heavy echoes that support their tone. Considering the content of the song and the Annies’ timid and sophisticated deliveries, the song’s message is incredibly effective. Its main importance is simple. Each singer gets a verse to claim how she uses her beauty, brilliance, and a little deal with the devil to take the money and run from a long list of sugar daddies. Moreover, the Pistol Annie uses their hot, seductive voices to bait unwary victims to their doom before entangling the next one.

Are We Expecting Pistol Annie’s New Music This Year?

Fans of the country super-trio Pistol Annies can expect new music this year, according to founding member, Miranda Lambert. She promises a new album from the Annies. The record would be the trio’s first in five years after their last 2013’s Annie Up album. It was then they remained on hiatus and never recorded a new album.

Do you want to hear them again after their latest performance on one of Miranda Lambert’s shows?

Always visit our website for updates, folks. We sure are ready for some new Pistol Annie’s songs!


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