November 13

Phil Vassar Believes That Every Day’s “Just Another Day in Paradise”

If you are like Phil Vassar who appreciates life in its simplest way, then you will definitely enjoy his song “Just Another Day in Paradise.” His country hit single tells a one-of-a-kind story about the life of a married couple encountering daily struggles. They have bills to pay, responsibilities to fulfill, and kids to supervise. On top of that, the couple in the song tries to squeeze in some time for themselves. However, sometimes things don’t work the way they plan. Despite all of these crazy, chaotic occurrences in the narrator’s life, he still chooses to look at it as paradise. He is grateful for the simple things in his life.

The Making of “Just Another Day in Paradise”

Phil Vassar’s songwriting brilliance gave him his first number one on the Billboard country chart. “Just Another Day in Paradise” was written by Vassar and Nashville songwriter Craig Wiseman. Their collaboration in writing this song was based on their life. Vassar said that it happened one day when he was drinking his coffee and his kids are screaming (like most kids do when they play). At that moment, he began to think about his life and how lucky he was. He shared this with Wiseman, and they began talking about their kids. Thus, “Just Another Day In Paradise” was born.

Since the release of his single, Vassar told Songfacts that he began receiving free pizzas from Domino because he mentioned the Domino’s pizza in his song.

“Baby, we’ll just improvise

Well, plan be looks like

Dominoes’ pizza in the candle light.”

The Singer: Phil Vassar

“Just Another Day in Paradise” became part of Vassar’s first self-titled studio album. Aside from Vassar’s single entering the country chart, it secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. His song and album marked the beginning of his career as a singer.

Here’s Phil Vassar singing about the struggles in life, but still calling it a paradise.


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