June 28

Love Thy Neighbor: “Salt and Powder” by Pharis and Jason

As we have shared Pharis and Jason’s Sweet Old Religion album, we want to take you today to greater heights with another one of their songs. They are probably taking the path like that of Joey + Rory, channeling their gospel related songs. It primarily teaches us to slow down, dig deep, and love our neighbor. Their song “Salt and Powder”, speaks so much about the three virtues.

Love Thy Neighbor: “Salt and Powder” by Pharis and Jason 1

Through Struggles

Their craftwork bringing music to their friends was even more stressed in 2015 when the singing duo’s house and workshop burned to the ground. That was also right before the birth of their second child. They did not just experience struggle and grind in their lives but in their home itself. It turned to ashes and left them shattered. Luckily, all the love they had disseminated into their music and instruments came back to them many-fold as the music community united around them, raised the funds to allow them to reconstruct their workshop, and to move on to recreating their house as well.

Thereafter, you would expect making music will take a back seat to everything else after these hindrances. However, they did have the forethought to create a little recording studio as part of the new banjo workshop during the reform. It was in this workshop between the rebuilding efforts that the couple recorded their gospel album. Thus, leading to our most favorite, “Salt and Powder”, which was inspired by the feeling a load of total loss, and the modesty of having to rely on the help of others to withstand their simple approach to life.

Lyrical content and Lesson

I’ll take my time where I please, I will
Lord I’ll take my time where I please.
And I give it with plenty of love my friend,
My old friends, my lost ones, my new.

Lessons learned are imprinted into the stories with cautions interlaced into the experiential advice of “Salt and Powder”. Taking the type of full approach to life and music Pharis and Jason Romero have done, it leaves one open to the sad notions of reality. Nevertheless, it also means that you are will also experience the love you shared that is eager and equipped to give back itself if the need arises. God forbid, just as it did for them. It is a defect in the human design to believe that obedient groundwork and the extra resources result in the best output. Often, hardship and fate give rise to the most convincing art – the art to fully turn to God and give back to others.

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Pharis and Jason Romero, Salt and Powder

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