June 26, 2018

Album, Song: “Sweet Old Religion” by Pharis and Jason Romero

The hope of dispersing new music to the masses is that it extends as many ears as possible. Most of the time, even if it bargains on creative uprightness and beliefs, so be it. Cutting bends or attractive to the lowest common denominator is all just part of the reparation for the fame music can give. However, there are still a huge number of artists who slants this with the goal of serving one person at a time. It is in this latter routine that Pharis and Jason Romero approach theirs with finely made music made from love and distinct courtesy. Their new album, “Sweet Old Religion”, speaks of such a case, which promises pride and endlessness in its outcomes.

Album, Song: “Sweet Old Religion” by Pharis and Jason Romero 1

Pharis and Jason Romero

Pharis and Jason are a husband and wife duo who aside from music is making hand-made banjos in their humble shop in Horsefly, British Columbia. They perform their music using those banjos. But, these two do not want to stop there. Pharis and Jason still want to share their music with as many people as possible.

The music of Pharis and Jason Romero is basic and rootsy, born from the traditions of country and folk similarly, and soaked in songwriting customs and the relationship of harmony. Initially, the duo’s previous works had always been said to be little too folky. Their music was more to the side of the bulls-eye than on the center. Nevertheless, if you are searching for a passport into what Pharis and Jason Romero are gifted with, Sweet Old Religion has it.

Sweet Old Religion

Sweet Old Religion is sparse and acoustic, but still aided with ample of a body due to the weight of the songwriting, and the compositional expertise from the accords and the feels chosen for each tune. As banjo enthusiasts, Pharis and Jason know just the right tone. They chose lighter sounds for a love song and rough, woody resonance for others.

Within the album is the same album name song “Sweet Old Religion”. This song primarily teaches us one thing, which is to,

“Slow down, dig deep, and love your neighbor.”

The song brings the mood and message to life. The relationship between the couple’s voices was pleasant, as shown in the title track.

Have a life today, and listen to this sweet melody.

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Pharis and Jason Romero, Sweet Old Religion

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