March 8

Stunning “Amazing Grace” feat. Peter Hollens with Home Free

Nothing but love for these men in using their God-given singing voices to uplift souls in their acapella version of “Amazing Grace.” Bet you folks knew already the lyrics, so why not sing along with them? But you know what’s better? Home Free is singing in parts, so find yours.

Peter Hollens & Home Free in “Amazing Grace”

Encouraging, isn’t it? Aside from this tune, it is heart-warming to see that more from the younger folks are learning to appreciate old hymns. From the traditionalist’s perspective, we love these oldies but goodies because they’re food for the souls. They feed us with good thoughts, rejuvenate our spirits, and keep our eyes looking at the face of our Savior.

Anatomy of the Set

Church and pews.
Stunning “Amazing Grace” feat. Peter Hollens with Home Free 1
A quick draw for church people particularly those who grew up listening to and singing hymns. The men seated in pews and them singing while facing the altar express a sense of belonging. Singing in harmony but not overdone is likewise a big plus. That’s how church music has traditionally sounded, and it’s greatly appreciated.

The field in an open light.
Stunning “Amazing Grace” feat. Peter Hollens with Home Free 2

A flood of light and an open field. Both we’re metaphorical for the religious.  The “field” pertains to us. We’re all in dire need of God’s grace. When we humble ourselves, his “light” exposes our fullness – a sinner and a saint. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s the best way to live. We’re open to God about our frailties and we hide nothing. That’s how we’ll be truly changed.

Our Man, Peter Hollen

Stunning “Amazing Grace” feat. Peter Hollens with Home Free 3

An educator, he is on a mission to teach people to make a living by creating what they love. Music, of course, is a no-brainer. Peter’s goal though is to persuade people to consider themselves as not mere creators, but also entrepreneurs.

Share your song covers and we might feature them next here on our site. Send it to [email protected]


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