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Find Jesus in Johnny Cash’s song “Personal Jesus”

johnny cash personal Jesus

Finding someone to be there for us all the time is difficult. However, we don’t have to worry because we have Jesus who will always be there to listen to us completely. Furthermore, Jesus will send a person on His behalf to show us love and trust.

“Personal Jesus” Origin

“Personal Jesus” was written by Martin Gore and performed by the band Depeche Mode in 1989. The song was a big hit making various artists cover the song and included it on their album. Johnny Cash recorded the song and made it part of his album American IV: The Man Comes Around on 2002.

The Song’s Content and Reflection

We may never know how Jesus does it. How he manages to listen to all of us 24/7 without any complaint. It’s astonishing that Jesus will always be there for us no matter who we are. This song is a bit about God and about finding someone who will let you know that Jesus is within them and they will save you.

Do you know anyone who is your personal Jesus? Just like Jesus, that person will always be there to light our way and guide us.  It doesn’t matter who that person may be. It could be a stranger, your lover, a friend or someone else you know. Jesus works in mysterious ways we will never know. He will use someone to help us with anything we are going through in life. Therefore, do not forget to thank Jesus for sending you someone who will save you, and do not forget to build a beautiful relationship with Him too.

Cover Versions

Some artists who covered this song were Marilyn Manson in 2004 and Sammy Hagar.

Johnny Cash Version

Cash recorded the song without the awareness of the Band. He likes the song and recognizes it as a gospel song. We are all aware that Cash liked to record gospel songs and they are all excellent. When the band heard about Cash’s version of the song they were excited that a legend like him made a version of their song.

The Song’s Inspiration

The song was inspired by Pricilla Presley’s book about her life with Elvis Presley.

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