August 23

Pentatonix to Find a New Member or Just Go Solo?

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As I have written a few weeks ago, Avi Kaplan has already left Pentatonix and the announcement was made earlier this year. This was something that caught everyone off guard not only the fans but the group as well.

“Yea,” Kirstin Maldonado told People about if him leaving was a surprise. “But, we just want everyone to be happy.”

She also talked about the future plans of the group and where they are heading to. And, that includes finding a new bass for the acapella band.

“We’re going to be working on finding a new person, and it will just be a new chapter for us,” she says. “I’m looking forward to what that new chapter will be. It will be different, but I think it needs to be.”

“You’re adding a new person in and they’re going to bring whatever special quality they bring and we’re going to be transformed because of that and make a new group.”

We are all aware of the fact that Pentatonix has been a success and they have been on a rigorous schedule of tours. Two of the albums they released has also been prosperous, landing them with three Grammys including one in the Country genre.

We all know that these things catch up and could eventually lead to a possible break-up or would I rather say a hiatus?

It was also revealed that Kirstin Maldonado has already been working on her own solo album debut with a different moniker: Kirstin. In fact, she already released a single “Break A Little,” and she has an EP LOVE coming later this year.

Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying have also shared their side project of making funny videos. Superfruit gathered them two million subscribers on Youtube. Along with it, they also shared two songs but they are recently dropped an introductory EP entitled Future Friends on June 30, with part two coming in September.

Well, I think that all good things must somehow come to an end but I hope not for them just yet.


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