July 17

“Peace In Christ:” A Sweet Reminder by 5-year-old Superstar Claire Crosby

Peace is important to achieve true happiness in life. Being true to ourself and keeping everything simple also helps us attain inner peace in life. Why? It is simply because we do not have to fake our own identity in order to impress everyone. Instead, we simply have to show others who we really are. Here’s a friendly reminder from Claire Crosby that there is always a “Peace In Christ”.

“Peace In Christ”

Peace In Christ, Claire Crosby
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Claire and her father, Dave Crosby, collaborated to cover a Christian song Peace in Christ. It is a song written by Nik Day. They uploaded their own music video on their YouTube channel, Claire and the Crosbys where it reached more than 6 million views.

“Peace In Christ” talks about when we started to follow and allow Him to control us, then there we can find peace.

About the Song

Peace in God, Claire Crosby
Via www.thetruthofjudgmentday.com

A lot of people have already proven that we cannot find peace without God in our life. Without the love of God for us, we have no strength to go on in life, no shelter to live in, and no family to love. One example that shows His unconditional love for us, is God proving to us that He protects us in every danger that comes into our lives. He taught us that to surrender everything to Him. Those worries, disappointments, and failures will all vanish as long as God is with us.

Have you imagined yourself without the presence of God? For me, a life without God is useless. How can I survive without being with the person who gives me life? How can I win a battle without the most powerful God? See how God works in our day to day life? Now, this is a wake-up call to all of us to strengthen our faith in God by simply talking to Him every day.

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