January 8

Let There Be Peace on Earth by Vince and Jenny Gill

Vince Gill has various gospel songs. Since we were moved with his “Tell Me One More Time About Jesus”, here’s a song for peace which he first recorded with his daughter, Jenny Gill. Two thumbs up to this hands-on father including his family in his songs, as he brings tender music to us all.

Let There Be Peace on Earth by Vince and Jenny Gill 1

An Anthem for Peace To Many

The couple Jackson and Sy wrote the song half a century ago, but still is inspiring millions. Jackson, considered the song ‘a life-saving joy of God’s peace and unconditional love”, saving her on her suicidal state after a failed marriage. Pleasing to people of all homelands and views, it was recognized all over the world as an anthem for peace.  It is performed by mostly children throughout the year, particularly the Christmas season. It is also sung for worship services and church gatherings.

Let’s Ponder On Some Lines

Let there be peace on earth 

And let it begin with me. 

Let there be peace on earth 

The peace that was meant to be. 

Time and again, we complain about war and violence. Seeing people blamed on social media, we tailgate and stress ourselves with rants. More often, we question what went wrong? Why can people be kind? What do they get out of such vice? Then, we talk about having a peaceful mind. We want to have some. We try to   In an attempt to do so, we lose a sense that peace should begin with us. Yes. You, yourself.

With God as our father 

Brothers all are we. 

Let me walk with my brother 

In perfect harmony. 

Let’s strengthen our ties not only with God but also others of the human family. Everyone can make ways to display gentleness. Let’s avoid striking back to small acts of ferocity and not growing grudges. Learn to pardon, and sow love, courage, trust, and bliss. To your brethren, be a channel of God’s peace.

To take each moment 

And live each moment 

With peace eternally. 

Let there be peace on earth, 

And let it begin with me.

We are living every moment. We are taking chances every day. Sadly, we’ve been searching in all the wrong places. The peace we try to find can’t found outside ourselves – it’s within.  We can each make a change and take part in building a better realm.



Jenny Gill, Let There Be Peace On Earth, Vince Gill

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