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Why Did Patty Loveless Try to Think About Elvis?

Following a breakup, she finds it very difficult to focus on the tasks at hand, like her daily routine and shooting a music video. It is cutting wit in specific, running down a long list of the things she would much rather be thinking about. Sure, she is a rejected lover, but it is not soaked down, only sharpened by her confidence and strong will. Witness how Patty Loveless’ “I Try to Think about Elvis” affected a lot of listeners. Was it just Elvis she thought of?

Song Facts

I Try to Think About Elvis is a song written by Gary Burr, and recorded by Patty Loveless. It was released in July 1994 as the first single from her album When Fallen Angels Fly. The song stayed on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart for twenty weeks. It climbed to the third spot during the week of October 22, 1994.

Was it Just Elvis?

The song opens with,

I try to think about Elvis
Oprah in the afternoon
I try to think about palm trees
Fig leaves
The creature from the black lagoon.

You can see how energetic Patty was singing this part. If you first hear it, you will assume that the song is all about Elvis. However, looking at the lyrics, details about Elvis is just his hometown, Memphis. Oprah followed. Then something about nature goes on to follow. Are they even connected with each other? We do not think so.

I try to think about Shakespeare
Leap year
The Beatles or the Rolling Stones
I try to think about hair-do’s
Sushi bars and saxophones.

Then enters Shakespeare on her mind, followed by bands, fashion, instruments, and food. Well, she thinks about a lot of things. Believe us when we say she has a flight of ideas, jumping and thinking one thing to another.

Which leads us to think that maybe, she just first thought of Elvis, but did not really think of Elvis alone. Yet, on the last stanza, the character revealed that she cannot concentrate. It is not about Elvis or Oprah, and Shakespeare all along. It is the man of her dreams. Even though she works hard, he still comes off her mind.

I try to think about the talk shows
New clothes
But I guess I should have known
I just can’t concentrate
You’re all I think about these days
You’re all I think about these days.

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Why Did Patty Loveless Try to Think About Elvis? 1


I Try to Think About Elvis, Patty Loveless

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