January 4

It’s Country Legend Patty Loveless’ 62nd Birthday!

Neotraditionalist Country Star Patty Loveless turns 62 today! Let’s look back at her career and legacy in the country music industry!

Early Career

Loveless was 12 when she was coaxed by her brother Roger to replace her sister Dottie in their country singing duo. At first, she was shy to perform in front of a crowd. But as soon as she started singing, she discovered that she loved it so much.

During 1971, Loveless and her brother went down to Nashville to meet with none other than Porter Wagoner. It was there where Loveless sang him an original song. Wagoner was so impressed, he introduced her ti Dolly Parton. Parton took her under her wing and would consequently show her around the ins and outs of Nashville show business. 

It's Country Legend Patty Loveless' 62nd Birthday! 1
Credits to: Patty Loveless Original Facebook Account

In an interview, she details her early experiences in the industry:

“I was only 15 years old when I was on a show in Louisville, Kentucky with the Wilburn Brothers and other various artists … I was singing ‘Mule Skinner Blues.’ Doyle Wilburn dragged Teddy out of their dressing room to watch me perform. After my performance they were backstage wanting to talk to me. Doyle asked me about myself and I told him I was working some with Porter [Wagoner]. He asked me to come to Nashville and bring some of my stuff with me … and I did.”

Patty Loveless


After her throat surgery in the fall of 1992, she went back to record her first smash hit single. And her album “Only What I Feel” became platinum. It was the first of four straight Top 10 she made with Epic records. And this made her one of the biggest stars in the 1900s.

Listen to the hit single, “Blame It On Your Heart” here!


Ever since then, Loveless has been performing and releasing records almost every year beginngin from the early 1990s. In 2010, she was inducted as the 65th member of the Grand Old Opry.

It's Country Legend Patty Loveless' 62nd Birthday! 2

Credits to: Patty Loveless Original Facebook Account

She is undoubtedly one of the most talented people to have ever graced the industry. Her accolades are stacked, one after the other. Loveless has paved the way for female country artists alike. And today, we honor her achievements in celebration of her birthday.


Patty Loveless

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