October 25

Patty Griffin and Her Soulful Side in “Wade in the Water”

All of us are familiar with the story in the Bible wherein the Israelites escaped from Egypt. Thus, this hundred-year-old story is being taught in Sunday Schools until today. Also, there’s a lot of stories in the Bible that teach us lessons. Well, Patty Griffin put all these stories in a song, and she even adopted the African American way of singing. Personally, I give her a big thumbs up for providing justice to the song.

“The Small Town Girl”

Patricia Jean Griffin also known as Patty Griffin is an American musician and songwriter. She came from Old Town Maine and was the youngest in her family. In addition, she started to have an interest in musical instruments when she was 16. However, Patty Griffin had no intention to enter the industry. When she got divorced in 1994, she started to play in a coffee house where she was scouted. Thus, A&M Records opened the doors for her to be a professional musician.

After releasing her first album, Patty Griffin was able to release hit after hit songs and consecutive albums. She widened her horizon and played some roles in movies, and she also involved herself in theatrical activities. Moreover, her songs were being used in some television series. Indeed, she is a talented person with a voice that can touch hearts.

“African American Vibe”

Wade in the Water” was one of the gospel covers of the American singer Patty Griffin. Originally, this song was composed by the African Americans who incorporate Christian values and slavery as a theme. “Wade in the Water” describes special events in the Bible, both in the old and new testament. Further, most parts of the song describe how the Israelites escaped from bondage in Egypt. Also, the chorus represents the healing in John 5:4.

Other books also interpret the song as a guide on how to avoid slavery. I guess we all have our own interpretations of things. In my opinion, it’s still a story about the Bible, “Wade in the Water” had a lot of versions ever since, but Patty Griffin’s is still the best. Eventually, it’s good that we have these kinds of music so that will remind us to always look back on what happened in the past.


Patty Griffin, Wade in the Water

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