December 20

Patti LaBelle Tells Us What “The Reason for the Season” Is

Hustle and Bustle

Legendary Patti LaBelle reminds us all what the true reason for this Christmas season is. In her Christmas song “Reason for the Season,” she details how we often get deterred by all these materialistic things that surround us.

Have you ever felt the Christmas rush? Things would often feel so stuffy and anxious. All these sales or the obligations to give gifts and attend parties. It’s all too dang much sometimes! Things like ads that coax us more to consume and consume without preamble, or how Christmas should be celebrated distract us from the true spirit of Christmas.

In the first place, the time of Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Not only that, but it is also the season of sharing and giving. It shouldn’t matter that there are things are on sale or there are obligations to be met. Whatever it is, we should all be mindful to give to our fellowmen. We should also forgive them for the misgivings that they may have done us this past year. 

LaBelle fully encompasses the spirit of Christmas with this song. It captures the powerful message that we should be mindful of what the season is truly about.

Come take a listen to “Reason for the Season” here!

This Christmas

LaBelle released her first holiday album entitled “This Christmas” back in 1990. The album included two original compositions that includes “Twas Love” and “Nothing Could be Better” This album is considered her only Christmas-related album until the release of Miss Patti’s Christmas nearly 20 years later. 

The album would be re-released in 1995 with all new artwork. It also includes a special bonus track entitled “Angel Man”. The 1995 re-release was later reissued in 2004 under the 20th Century Masters: The Christmas Collection line, labeled The Best of Patti LaBelle.

If you’re definitely into the holiday spirit, I suggest you pick up this album!


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