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“She’s Got You” was one of Patsy Cline’s Enormous Single

“She’s Got You” was one of Patsy Cline’s Enormous Single 1

Patsy Cline was known for her hit “Crazy.” The song helped her rise to prominence as well as gain the appreciation and love of the people. However, it’s not only that particular song that made her legendary. She also catered to us I Fall to Pieces,” “Walkin’ after Midnight,” “Sweet Dreams,” and of course “She’s Got You.”

Indeed, Patsy Cline is a legend. She’s the epitome of country music. Her style, song, and journey have touched the country music enthusiasts. This made her the best female country artist of all time. To recollect her memories, lend your ears to “She’s Got You.”

She’s Got You…

Hank Cochran wrote the words and lyrics of “She’s Got You.” Patsy Cline recorded the song in December 1961 and released in January 1962. Upon its release, it skyrocketed and topped the chart instantly. Moreover, the song was part of her album “Sentimentally Yours” which also included her other top charting singles “Strange” and “Heartaches.”

“She’s Got You” was a follow-up single to “I Fall to Pieces” and “Crazy.” It was one of the most successful singles she has recorded. Also, it placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Similarly, it placed at number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100.

Furthermore, Hank Cochran called Patsy Cline and pitched the song. They talked about the song over a bottle of liquor. Patsy Cline, on the other hand, was emotional upon hearing “She’s Got You.” Then, she called her manager and producer to discuss the arrangements. To get the deal, Patsy Cline sang the song over the phone.

A Li’l Bit ‘Bout Patsy Cline…

“She’s Got You” was one of Patsy Cline’s Enormous Single 2

The legendary Patsy Cline rose to prominence during the late 50s to early 60s. She is now one of the female country artists cited as an inspiration. Moreover, she is the very first woman to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Patsy Cline was at number eleven for the “The 100 Greatest Women in Rock and Roll”. Also, she’s at number one for the “The 40 Greatest Women of Country Music.” Patsy Cline’s Country Music Hall of Fame reads: “Her heritage of timeless recordings is a testimony to her artistic capacity.”

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