November 7

Patsy Sings of Every Believer’s Struggle in “Dear God”

“I go to church on a Sunday
The vows that I make I break them on Monday
The rest of the week I do as I please
Then come sunday morning I pray on my knees”
(lifted from the song)

Sounds familiar? We strive to live right, yet still, mess up.

So long as we are breathing on earth, this is everybody’s cycle. It does not matter that we been in the faith for years. Somehow, in one way or the other, we still commit mistakes. The only difference we have with those outside the faith is that we recognize our father-child relationship with God. As our heavenly father, he readily forgives us each time we falter. Should we abuse the grace he offers? Of course not! Assuming we do not take Jesus for granted, we are not necessarily hypocrites; just inconsistent. Still, inconsistency is not good, so let us strive to be spontaneous in working out our faith.

As for Patsy’s singing, I like how clear her phrasings are.  Her voice is the kind that will give justice to every emotional song assigned her to be gospel, honky tonk, or rockabilly. On the flipside, her strong vocals give a “power” feel to the vulnerable mode of a song she is interpreting. That is a rare gem of a God-given talent, to say the least.

Have a listen to the full track.  Given that we highly appreciate Patsy, let us not forget to also give due credit to the songwriter, V.F Stewart.

Reflective and confessional ain’t it? One could use this as a prayer song when in repenting of a known wrongdoing before God; it is hard for words to come out of our mouths. And if we are truly humble to acknowledge our shortcomings, God won’t leave us in a state of guilt. He will offer grace, so grab it and move on. But do not just feel better, be better.


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