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WATCH: Rare Footage of Patsy Cline and Bobby Lord’s Impromptu Duet

Going back to the early 1960s, country music has enjoyed some incredible duets performed at the Grand Ole Opry. One of the Opry’s famous shows, the PET Milk show, has offered some of the greatest performances in the history of classic country music.

Known for her hit songs “Crazy,” “I Fall to Pieces,” Patsy Cline made a special appearance for the PET Milk Grand Ole Opry show on April 16, 1962. Over 56 years ago.

Before the start of her performance, she was delightfully invited back on stage for an impromptu duet with the famous country crooner Bobby Lord. And oh! Describing their duet as amazing is just an understatement. That was some tasty music they had.

Prior to the rare duet of these two great country music artists, Lord had already experienced a great deal of chart success himself. His hits, “Without Your Love” and “No More,” were chart-toppers and marked the name of Lord in the music industry. In addition, before appearing on TV as a host, Lord authored a book titled Hit the Glory Road in 1969.

WATCH: Rare Footage of Patsy Cline and Bobby Lord's Impromptu Duet 1
Bobby Lord and Patsy Cline perform “(Remeber Me) I’m the One Who Loves You” at the PET Milk Grand Ole Opry on April 12, 1962. | Photo screen grabbed on Youtube

Cline & Lord’s Superb On-the-spot Duet

Going back to the two crooners’ duet, the host first complimented Lord on his “fine singing” and awesome performances. He then suggested that both he and Cline were such great artists and that having a duet from them would be an incredible idea.

On the other hand, the then young lady singer entered the stage with a delightful smile oozing with joy and a bit of timidity. She then joined the male crooner to sing the all-time classic country ballad “(Remember Me) I’m The One Who Loves You.”

On the stage, Lord called on his bandmates to strike up the tune. He said:

“I believe I can sing just a little bit of it – let’s try it, fellas.”

True enough, the two artists exuded a magnificent performance. It was one of the magical shows on TV that was a nearly-forgotten piece of Cline’s legacy. Unfortunately, we have lost her too soon but we remember her and her music with these kinds of performances from her.

Watch Bobby Lord and Patsy Cline render a timeless country ballad at the PET Milk Grand Ole Opry in 1962:

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Bobby Lord, Patsy Cline

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