December 14

Mary Chapin Carpenter Made “Passionate Kisses” Popular

A house to live, a bed to sleep, food to eat, and a passionate kiss, those are the things Mary Chapin Carpenter mentioned in her song “Passionate Kisses.” This country single talks about the narrator’s desire to look for contentment in life, including a passionate kiss from her lover.

Shouldn’t I have all of this, and
Passionate kisses

The Origin of “Passionate Kisses”

In 1988, Lucinda Williams wrote the song “Passionate Kisses.” Williams was inspired to write the song when she was dating Clyde Woodward. She moved to L.A. to be with him. While living there, she was inspired to write songs. This single held a special place in Williams’ heart as she wrote it during those times when she was young and in love. When she released her version, she added it to her self-titled album. Her single didn’t make it to the charts. The only time her song became commercially successful was when Carpenter recorded the song.

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Version Enters the Top 10

Carpenter released her most successful album Come On Come On in 1993. It was a massive hit for her and sold two million copies. Therefore, it has been Platinum-certified by RIAA. Carpenter included Williams’ single on her album. On the same year, she released “Passionate Kisses” as a single and with great success it landed on the top 10 of the Billboard country chart. In addition, it secured a position on the Adult Contemporary chart and the Hot 100 chart. Carpenter’s version also entered three charts in Canada.

“Passionate Kisses” by Carpenter won two awards in the Grammy‘s. She brought home the Best Female Country Vocal Performance while Williams, who didn’t expect her song to win, brought home the Best Country Song Award.

Carpenter’s version is similar to the original. She didn’t stray away to its classic tune. In addition, her vocals were amazing.

Come On Come On Album

The album Come On Come On was Carpenter’s fourth studio album. It entered the Billboard chart at number six. Furthermore, it secured the number thirty-one spot on the Billboard 200. This twelve-track album scored seven singles on the chart. That’s amazing! Here are the songs in her album that placed a spot on the Billboard chart:

  • “I Feel Lucky”
  • “Not Too Much to Ask”
  • “Passionate Kisses”
  • “The Hard Way”
  • “The Bug”
  • “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her”
  • “I Think My Chances”

Here is Mary Chapin Carpenter’s version of “Passionate Kisses.”



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