November 9

REVIVAL: “Here I Am” by Dolly Parton Gets a Whole New Sound with Sia


Dolly Parton and Sia Collaborate with “Here I Am”

Avid fans of Dolly Parton are no stranger to “Here I Am.” The country legend has already released this song in her album “Coat of Many Colors.” But, this is a special re-vamp because this version features the powerhouse vocalist Sia to match the intensity that Parton pours into the song.

We are all aware of the charming twang that Parton has in her singing voice. What we didn’t know is how good it compliments the raspy quality that Sia has. Their collaboration was like a dream come true in the duet.

The song was first released in early September, and it peaked at No. 37 in the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. This song is the first of many that Parton plans on dropping. She leads the creation of the OST of the movie “Dumplin’,” which is scheduled for release the next month.

“Here I Am” is an anthem. It is as if Parton and Sia are singing to us, telling us not to lose hope. If you examine the lyrics closely, it will reflect exactly that. The music video is a wonderful complement to the song. Neither Parton nor Sia appears on the video. It instead focuses on the different characters and their walks of life, and how their circumstances evolve as the story progresses. All in all, it fits the overall theme of the movie.

Listen to the amazing track here!


The film Dumplin is an upcoming musical comedy film mostly about the pageant scene in Texas. The plot revolves around much of the family life of the protagonist nicknamed “Dumplin'” and her goal to change the Texan pageant scene.

Its OST is Parton’s love child with other collaborators. She had revived six of her greatest songs, and jived with different artists and producers to come up with a different, yet uniquely Dolly sound. “Here I Am” is just her first revival. The rest of her hits are still mostly awaited.

The OST drops on November 30th. Dumplin’ streams on December 7th. Be sure to catch both so you won’t miss out!


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