Isn’t it delightful to find someone with whom you can spend your whole life with? It would be amazing being with that person who’ll love you despite all of your imperfections. And, when problems arise in your relationship you work it out instead of giving it up. That is the kind of love that we must all have. We must be with someone who’ll stick with us through thick or thin. Not with someone who will easily give up on us. Love is not all about happy endings, sometimes love is also surrounded with hardships that one needs to face before they can see the rising sun on the horizon.

“Rockin’ Years” Chart Performance

This love we all imagine to have is pictured in Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton’s single “Rockin’ Years.” It is a love song written by Floyd Parton in 1990. Parton and Shelton recorded it for their individual album. Parton included the track on her thirty-second studio album Eagle When She Flies. Meanwhile, for Shelton, the single was part of his studio album Backroads. Both singers’ albums entered the top 10 of the Billboard Country Albums chart. 

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“Rockin’ Years” earned Parton another number one in her career. However, this became her last number one until she earned another in 2006. Ricky Van Shelton also added another number one on his list of songs. Furthermore, the single reached the top of the Canadian chart, too.

About the Song

The single talks about the kind of love that most of us are searching for our whole life. Both the man and the woman in the song are willing to make their relationship work well. Each does their best to make the other feel good. In addition, they promised that when things aren’t well, they would work things out and stick together until the end. 

Rocking chairs, rocking babies, rock-a-bye, rock of ages

Side by side we’ll be together always

And if you’ll hold me tight when you love me

That’s all I’ll ask of you

And I’ll stand by you through our rocking years

“Rockin’ Years” by Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton

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