November 14, 2018

Dolly Parton Releases “Girl in the Movies” for the Movie “Dumplin'”

Girl in the Movies

We’re all very excited for the soundtrack of “Dumplin'” to drop. And, Dolly Parton has been teasing us with both magnificent revivals of her hits, as well as brand new music like “Girl in the Movies” that would be the cherry in an already delectable movie dessert.

“Girl in the Movies” offers us that mellow vibe that opens up a moment of reflection. The soft ballad actually fits the movie quite well. It narrates the singer’s wish to be like the “girl in the movies,” and that vibe is very fitting. You can almost feel Dumplin’ herself singing this song.

Listen to Parton’s amazing song right here.


The film Dumplin is an upcoming musical comedy film mostly about the pageant scene in Texas. The plot revolves around much of the family life of the protagonist nicknamed “Dumplin'” and her goal to change the Texan pageant scene.

Its soundtrack has already released its track listing, including “Girl in the Movies.”

The plot is really interesting. It not only highlights the imperfections of the Texas pageant scene, but it also sheds light on some issues like self-esteem and familial relationships.

The author of the book, Julie Murphy, is a huge Dolly Parton fan. As a matter of fact, she based the character “Dumplin'” on some of Parton’s quirks, songs, and mannerisms. So when the rights for the movie were bought, there was an immediate need to have a lot of Dolly Parton songs. So, in the end, they just said, “why not let her come aboard?”

Parton talked more about this in her interview while she was talking about the project.

Check out the Dolly giving juicy details on her project here!

We surely are more excited about the soundtrack now more than ever with the release of “Girl in the Movies.” It drops on the 30th of November.


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