March 6

Dolly Parton’s Book Donation Reached 100 Million


Dolly Parton's Book Donation Reached 100 Million 1

Since Dolly Parton rose to fame as a country music star, she has kept us amused by her songs. Her sweet voice did not only charm our ears. Also, her exceptional songwriting flair penetrated the depth of our hearts with her great hits. Outside the realm of Country music business, Parton has done and continues to engage herself doing notable projects. These programs serve as the singer’s way of giving back to the community for all that she’s achieved in life. The “Jolene” artist runs her own theme park, Dollywood, which provides employment to many in her hometown. In addition to that, Parton put up her Imagination Library which aims to provide all enrolled children sufficient supply of books on their hands.

Celebrating an Act of Heroism

A venture that started in the ‘80s, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a tribute to her father, Robert Lee Parton, Sr. And just last week, her non-profit program reached a milestone. The singer donated the 100 millionth book from her Imagination Library to the research library. At the Library of Congress, Parton shared how hard working his father was but had never attended school or learned how to read and write. “My father couldn’t read and write and that always troubled him and bothered him so I wanted to do something special for him,” Parton said. The singer added that her father helped her with the program and was able to witness its propagation. “He got to live long enough to hear the kids call me the ‘book lady.’” For over 20 years, the project has helped children through the books donated now reaching 100 million in total.

Parton’s acts of generosity and selflessness vividly show that she is a hero in her own right. And the kind that the country needs at present time. Considering her contributions to the society in various terms, it’s just proper that we extend her all the praises that she deserves.

And, to show our appreciation as well as to celebrate with Parton for this breakthrough in her project, let’s once again listen to one of her successful singles. It’s called “Eagle When She Flies.”

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