December 26

“I Will Always Love You:” A Promise from Dolly Parton


A promise is a commitment between two parties whether it may be from a friend, a relative or a lover. However, some of us go too far, tagging it as a sacred commitment, an oath, or a vow. But, have you ever broken a promise? What did the other person feel about it? Anyhow, humans are good at making commitments but are also good at breaking them. We have to remember that a promise is a sacred agreement. And, the other person gave his/her trust. Because sometimes, once we drop the magic words, “I Promise,” we cannot take it back. We have to realize and understand that the other party gave their trust to you. Hence, we need all our effort to make it happen. Well, I have here one of the hits of Dolly Parton “I Will Always Love You.” It’s a promise of love, and I hope that you can relate to it.

Just Because I’m a Woman

She is one of the most successful female country artists of all time. In addition, she is not just a singer, but this woman is also an actress, philanthropist, author, and producer. Moreover, she pushed 25 songs in the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Due to her contribution and influence to the music industry, she was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame.  I hope you did not forget the woman behind the famous songs “Jolene” and “Coat of Many Colors,” of course, it’s Dolly Parton, folks.

“I Will Always Love You:” A Promise from Dolly Parton 1
Photo Credits: Dolly Parton / Facebook Page

The Promise of Love

This song was written by Dolly Parton and it was dedicated to his friend and mentor, Porter Wagner. Anyway, the song talks about happy memories that Parton will never forget. Further, this was also covered by Whitney Houston. I hope you did not forget her version of “I Will Always Love You.” On a different perspective, the song can be interpreted as a farewell to lovers whose relationship did not last. But, at the end of the day, they will not forget the love they shared.  



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