February 16

Are You Proud to be Part of the Family of God?


Old Tappan, N.J

Ron Garner managed to get out of the building before it totally blew up. Still alive, he was rushed to the hospital in Muncie. Most of his body was severely burnt and his chance of survival slim. Through phone calls, the news spread and the whole church prayed for Ron. In groups, be it big or small, gathered and interceded for Ron. The church building was kept open and people came non-stop. Children, women, men, both young and old came. Such was the care and love of God’s family to this young father. To them, Ron Garner is ‘bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh.’

Come Easter morning, nobody’s the festive mood because of what happened to their brother Ron. While the service was ongoing, a report came of doctors’ confirmation that Ron Garner will survive. The whole church rejoiced and praised God in heeding their prayers. They’ve made pledges and commitments of helping the family by any means until Ron’s fully covered.

That glorious spectacle of God’s family being there for each other inspired the Gaithers to pen the classic, “The Family of God.”

“The Family of God” by The Bill Gaither Trio


The Gaithers

Are You Proud to be Part of the Family of God? 1( photo credit: Gaither Music )

Godly couple Bill and Gloria Gaither garnered numerous Grammy and Dove Awards. They were named Songwriter of the Year nine times by The Gospel Music Association.

Forty years in the music industry, their influences have spread worldwide. They were instrumental in helping other aspiring singers cement their career and with them, they brought more people into the world of Southern Gospel Music.

Apart from making music, they were also advocating for good literature. Mrs. Gloria Gaither wrote many books which have been published by not one publishing company. These along with their CDs and Video recordings.

For years, they’ve also toured and held concerts in various cities across the country. People flocked to those concerts. Put in videotapes and released, it still sold millions. Such is the anointing God gave to this couple and their music. They’ve devoted their talents in God’s honor, and in return, God exalted their music ministry.


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