December 20

Brad Paisley Tells us the Details About “She’s Everything”


Loving is also accepting the imperfections of your lover, no matter what flaws they have. That is the power of love — it can change you as a person. Regardless if your lover snores at night, or farts so loudly, and even has a habit of picking his/her nose. I guess that’s the effect of being madly in love. Thus, love decides everything nowadays. It doesn’t have any conditions or boundaries.  The only thing that needs to be mutual is the feelings you felt for each other. Well, I hope you are in love right now so that you can tell them how perfectly beautiful they are. To inspire you more, I have here a hit from Brad Paisley. ENJOY!

The Cowboy Hunk from West Virginia

Do you still remember the hit “He Didn’t have to Be” or “We Danced?” Does it ring a bell to you? It’s because this artist slammed those hits when he was given a shot to become a country superstar. Anyhow, he is now considered as one of the sought-after singers in the country music industry. I am referring to the person who hosted the recent Country Music Association Awards, it’s Brad Paisley guys!

Brad Paisley Tells us the Details About “She’s Everything” 1

Due to his flourishing career Brad Paisley sold over 11 million albums and won a lot awards. Also, he is a member of the prestigious Grand Ole Opry. Moreover, Paisley is really undeniably talented, making him one of the most successful personality in the industry.

The Feeling of Being in Love

They say that once a person is in love, they will fall head over heels. Hence, I guess that’s true because you will see the person you love as the only perfect being in the whole world. Just like the hit of Brad Paisley entitled “She’s Everything.” The hit centers on a narrator that is madly in love with his lover, describing how he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.



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