November 6

Brad Paisley Praises the Lord with “The Old Rugged Cross”

An all-time classic hit that dates back in 1912, “The Old Rugged Cross” has constantly been sending those who have been lost in spirit back to the Lord. With its powerful message, the hymn simply resonates the love of God for His people. This song has been well-preserved, and through time, it has been sung by generation to generation.

Throughout the years, “The Old Rugged Cross” has been sung by various artists and singers. One of them is country music star Brad Paisley, who has crooned the song and provided us an emotional performance through his pure, southern vocals.

Paisley’s exceptional voice exudes the right emotions contained in this age-old gospel tune. Strumming his guitar to the beat of the hymn, he has impeccably captured and projected the feelings of love, hope, and acceptance carried in the song.

While it’s true that Paisley has just been singing contemporary country tunes, he can actually blow you away with his covers of classic gospel hymns. As a matter of fact, in one of his interviews, he revealed that he started singing gospel songs in a church!

Every word in the song is so powerful that it can move anyone to tears just by singing it. With the following lines,

And I’ll cherish the old rugged cross until my trophies, at last, I lay down.

I will cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it some day for a crown.

Paisley instills to his listeners a sense of purpose and hope. In addition, his beautifully-rendered cover marks the power and skill of a true artist. Despite the century-old hymn’s growing age, it is the continuous renditions and tributes that make this song as vibrant as it was since it was first performed.

Check out Brad Paisley performing “The Old Rugged Cross” live in Stockholm, Sweden:

Brad Paisley singing The Old Rugged Cross in Stockholm, Sweden. This is one of my favorite hymns.

Posted by Lee Deloney on Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Brad Paisley, The Old Rugged Cross

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