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The Bigger Picture behind the Song “Paint Me a Birmingham”

The Bigger Picture behind the Song "Paint Me a Birmingham" 1
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There are many interesting real stories about life that just don’t sit in the corner and remain untold. If these stories are meant to give new inspiration to someone else, then they’ll find ways to reveal themselves. One real-life story that traveled its way through others’ lives was the inspiration for the song “Paint Me a Birmingham.” The tail was eventually pictured in a song that everyone who hears it would become aware of the story it conveys. Also, they’re likely to see the bigger picture that the song portrays.

The words to the song “Paint Me a Birmingham” were crafted by Buck Moore and Gary Duffy. The latter shared in an interview how the song came about in 2004. Back in his teenage years, Duffy had a childhood friend who, unfortunately, died in a car crash. The unnamed friend was presumed to be someone close to him and he would want to keep her memories alive. One time, he decided to have a walk along the beach nearby to clear his mind off. There happened to be another person on the beach at that time. As he approached him, he realized the man was a painter who’s trying to capture the scenery of the lake into his canvass.

A quick message runs through his mind. Suddenly, he found himself holding an old photo of him and his friend during a dance back in high school. The image has preserved something like a budding romance between two young hearts. He then asked the painter to help him rekindle the love by putting it into a bigger image. He did so according to the man’s specifications and the outcome was more than perfect. To learn more about the romantic story behind the picture, let’s listen to the song below.

The Song and its Covers

The version above who just listened to was by Ken Mellons who originally recorded “Paint Me a Birmingham” in 2003. This record was included on his album Sweet which he released for Home Records in 2004. Its subsequent cover by another country artist, Tracy Lawrence, came out also in 2004. Shortly after Lawrence released it, his version became a Top 5 country hit. The song specifically peaked at No. 4 giving Lawrence his first Top 5 record since the 2000 release “Lessons Learned.” Apparently, his rendition was more successful than the original one. Listen to his version below.

Recently, a younger country star Kane Brown performed a cover of “Paint Me a Birmingham.” Whether you will love it or not, Brown’s rather short delivery of the song is just as great.

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